Saturday, July 01, 2006

Google Earth finds my koi pond

Have you ever moved house or area and wondered if things have changed or what the new owners might have done to your old garden ? Yes,well so have I but not wanting to snoop around the place I've had to resist the urge to pry. Playing about with Google Earth I typically homed in on areas that were familiar. I found that if you zoom in on certain blocks of land the resolution is not bad and you can easily pick out cars. Since moving house over ten years ago I'd always wondered what the new owners had done with my koi pond. When they bought the house I don't think they really appreciated its full extent. Like many koi ponds it was dug 6 ft deep, complete with gravity feed multi-chamber filter. Having taken the pump and koi with me I had always assumed they would get a shock and fill it in. Looking on Google Earth I'm still not sure but a few things have changed. This has led me to ask can anyone else see their koi pond or have they any aerial photos? Also what happens to koi ponds when people sell their homes?


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