Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hikari is back

The Hikari stand at the BKKS National show 2006

Hikari fish food is now allowed to be available again in Europe after at least a year being in short supply. Kamihata Fish Industries the owners and manufacturers of Hikari have a long history with koi, dating back to 1877 and so are major players in the industry. Hikari the best known and also promoted as Japan's No.1 brand of koi food, will now be available after the ban on animal feeds to the EU from Japan was lifted.
The absence of Hikari has left a gap in the market for a big brand food, which Tetra have rapidy tried to fill with the release of Tetra Pond Excellence. Also smaller companies are now marketing koi food, such as Shingoi which is set to arrive sometime this August.
Trying to put on a brave face, Hikari UK made an announcement at the BKKS National Show saying that "they were back" with much fanfare and popping of champagne, but as yet I haven't found any suppliers stocking it. Strangely I can't find anymore information across the internet and the website doesn't work at the time of writing. It seems their troubles with red tape are not quite over yet.
I'll keep you posted...


At 5:29 PM, Anonymous eric keen hobbyist. said...

Its an absolute disgrace, the last 3 issues ofKOi mags there have been full page ads but no phone no. or address I think it is just a marketing campaign for next year!!I can assure you, as of 010906 there is none for sale in this country, lifes too short as they say , there broken promises have lost them my trade. we have now settled on something else and i wont be going back.regards Eric Chester.

At 12:18 AM, Blogger Alex-san said...

I think many people would agree with you Eric. Not wanting to write them off just yet, as Saki-Hikari is a very good food I've spoken to PPI the distributors and they said the problems were slowly getting sorted. We have heard this before but I do know that some dealers did have stocks, but only in limited supply. I think they must be stalling but at least their website is now working!
There are lots of good koi foods now so hopefully Eric your koi won't go short:)


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