Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Water Treatment for Koi

Koi Carp magazine has recently printed a few articles about a new product called Aqualibrium. It's been described as a revolutionary water treatment for koi or any other type of fish pond. Not to be confused with Interpets' Aqualibrium salt which is used as a tonic and ph buffer, this Aqualibrium was developed by a company in holland that worked together with the Indian government to purify waterways often poluted by industry. They have had great success with freshwater shrimp and so they are now targetting the lucritive koi market. It's made from 100% plant extracts that apparently activates microbes in the water to produce a balanced reaction of carbon and hydrogen ions to infuse the water with oxygen. It retails at £49.95 for a litre bottle which isn't cheap but the dosing rate of 5ml per 1000 litres every week, it should last the summer for the average pond. So far it's only available online from .

These are very grand claims and I believe that this product will work very well to clear green water and blanket weed but any other benefits to a healthy koi pond are probably limited. I don't want to be too critical until I try it for myself but I don't think it's some kind of silver bullet that many koi keepers may be led to believe. After all barley straw and its extract has been around now for a while and has been proven to be very effective. When barley straw was first suggested it seemed too good to be true, which may be the same with Aqualibrium but the ingredients look very similar and so I would expect similar results. Natural pond remedies seem to the latest thing but care should still be taken not to overdose or mix them. I thought it was quite amusing that the person who wrote the April star letter in Koi Carp magazine and was testing it on his own koi pond, was given a packet of Nishikoi Blanc-Kit Excel Koi for his efforts.


At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Neil McCarthy said...

Its the Aqualibrium people here. Thanks for mentioning our product on your blog. If you like we can supply you with more information on the product. It is also used in Holland to help sick Koi recover. It does all sound to good to be true but the product is now being used extensively in Holland for water treatment supplying both the rose growing and tomato industries with really good results. If you have any specific questions our technical director would be happy to answer them and maybe share with your readers.

Kind Regards.

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Alex-san said...

Thanks for the comment Neil, I would be very interested in it's use for sick koi. I was under the impression it was only for improving water quality, so it seems there are other benefits as well.

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Neil McCarthy said...

Hi Alex-San,
We can send you details on how the product has been used in the past to enhance growth and well being in shrimps in India and how Mario Blom has used the product to build up the strength in Koi before he operated on the fish in Holland. We look after marketing the product in the UK but our technical guys are based in Holland who could answer all the questions. The problem we have with the product, if you can call it a problem! is that if we told everyone exactly what the product can do it all seems a bit much. Thats why we have just really gone with clearing the algae and making the pond a better environment for the fish in general. Have you got an e-mail we can send you full details to?



At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was just wondering would this treatment that you are talking about be any good for us,my brother has a koi pond with about 30 beautiful koi.He is currently extending his pond from 10ftby 10 to 25ft by 15..his prob is at the moment that the water is pretty much a light green and we are currently looking for a new thing to try as all our other methods work at first,but then the green keeps coming back.we use u,v and plenty of filters,but we still battleing the green slime???
Any suggestions would be gratefully apprieciated,


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