Friday, July 28, 2006


I've been getting quite a few hits recently from Germany so I decided to investigate why. I know the country is big on aquarium fish but I didn't realize how popular koi keeping is there. According to Sitemeter they were coming from a site and forum called Medekoi, not to be confused with Medikoi or Medicarp, two popular brands of food.

Checking the site out to see how they had found my blog and what they were saying, I've run into a few language barriers. Google does try to translate but I was confronted with messages which I can't understand when trying to register with their forum. I never was very good at languages so I might have to ask my German friend for help. That's lucky.

What I did find out was the link page has one of, if not the most comprehensive lists of koi sites on the internet. Apparently they have a computer programme that searches the net for any koi site, good or bad and then tells all their members about it. Here I was thinking I was onto something big and causing a storm in the German koi world. Oh well, maybe time to learn a foreign language.


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