Thursday, July 20, 2006

Evolution Aqua De-Tox De-Chlorinator

The EA-Evolution Aqua stand at the BKKS National Show

Evolution Aqua are one of the biggest and most respected names now in koi keeping with their reputation gained from quality products such as the Nexus and Answer filters. In fact they now have products covering all aspects of koi and are even branching out into aquarium fish. They continue to grow as leaders in koi pond filtration and are a trusted brand. It's interesting to read that on their website they have teamed up with Hikari foods, promoting their koi food as developed to put less demand on pond filters. I still have no news about the availability of Hikari in Europe as the UK distribution company PPI seems to have gone dormant. It could be possible that Evolution Aqua could be taking over distribution, but this is just a guess.

At the last BKKS National show Evolution Aqua had a big presence, with a very impressive stand demonstrating their equipment complete with display pond. While they were not selling anything direct on the day many koi dealers that were there were selling EA products at bargain, not to be missed show prices. One said that the new Easy Pod filter was very popular, and would be very good for quarantine tanks. Although a bit out of my price range something else that caught my eye was the new range of water purifiers which are very good value. Evolution Aqua De-Tox is a range of purifiers made by a UK company Ionic that covers many types of fishkeeping from koi to marines. The de-ioniser models can when run slowly produce nearly pure H2O, but more relevant to koi keeping is the De-Tox De-Chlorinator. I decided to buy the smaller size for my quarantine tank as it makes water changes far easier and quicker than the usually method of adding chemical dechlorinator. In the long run it should be cheaper than using chemicals and no ammonia is added to the water in the process.

A very convenient & simple device to use.

Here filling up the filter chamber of my quarantine tank.

The device is easy to use being able to position it anywhere and it doesn't matter which end the water flows through. Hose connectors are provided with makes it very easy to plug in and get going. Before use Evolution Aqua say to run water through it for a few minutes which clears any loose carbon dust. This was quite a shock at first with the water turning black but it quickly ran clear. The guide says you can run it at 2 gallons per minute but to be safe I have left it to trickle through, also a slower flow rate allows the temperature to equalize. I would recommend this purifier to anyone so far. I did hear that someone found PH changes with the new water but Evolution Aqua advised this would only be very tempory. The filter is filled with highly activated carbon which absorbs toxins from roughly 150,000 litres or over 30,000 gallons and there is a larger model if needed. So far the tests prove good and I would advise anyone to test now and again for chlorine. A water meter would also help to know the life left in it.


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