Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chinese Koi Blog

Goldfish Queen the popular blog about Chinese goldfish and importing goldfish from her farm in China has recently started a blog about Koi. Chinese Koi was started because her farm as well as producing goldfish has been supplying around 20 million koi around the world.

Whilst the production of high grade koi is dominated by Japanese bred fish, there has always been a market for cheaper pond fish koi. Most of these koi have tended to have come from Israel and the Far East in the past but new farms are being developed all around the world. Even here in the UK there are now a few fish-farms that have started to specialize in koi production. With quality parent koi they have had respectable results and even done well in shows. The problems with spreading diseases and the stress placed on the koi during transport has led some to believe that koi should be produced locally, and that they are healthier fish.

Most of Goldfish Queen's koi are sold to the local market but if the koi are as good as her goldfish then I wouldn't be surprised to see them catch on elsewhere. Judging from the photos I would guess she intends to compete in the world wide market for koi as the farm looks very impressive.



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