Monday, July 24, 2006

UK's biggest ever KHV outbreak gets worse

On the Practical Fishkeeping Magazine website they have a news report about further outbreaks of KHV infections in UK still water fisheries. Last month I mentioned the disease was reported in three fisheries in the south of England that the Environment Agency were monitoring:- KHV Outbreaks in Southern England. These latested outbreaks bring the number to nine reported cases of KHV in the last month, the most ever reported before in the UK. This could be due to the extremely hot weather this summer triggering the disease and the increased awareness and fear people have about KHV (Koi Herpes Virus) meaning outbreaks are more likely to be notified. Further lab tests should reveal for definite whether the five latest fisheries with mortalities were from KHV. The results should become available later this week.


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