Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Armed Goons Seize Lucky Koi

This story has been doing the rounds on the many news sites much to everyone's amusement except the local wildlife authorities and Mr Ly. His koi were confiscated and he's been left with a heavy fine as koi are now illegal to import or own. I can't see how he could be prosecuted for importing the koi or how they could force him to get rid of his koi, which he's had before the ban came into force. It seems crazy but in Australia they have a similar problem with authorities threatening their hobby. Local to me is a fishing lake that has a couple of unwanted species of fish that the local council are encouraging fishermen to catch and dispose of. Why anyone would want to dump large koi in a lake beats me but show me where they are and I'm there, rod and net in hand!

Pests sometimes make good sport for fishermen

This link has a nice video to tell the story


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