Thursday, September 21, 2006

Atlanta Koi Club show results 2006

The Atlanta Koi Club have posted on their website the results and some nice photos of their annual show that took place last weekend. The overall winner or Grand Champion was a Showa which is nice to see winning as it's a variety that often loses out to fellow Gosankes, Kohaku and Sanke.

Perhaps even more unusually was that runner up Grand Champion B was a rather nice Shusui. At a lot of shows it's unheard of for a non-Gosanke koi to come in the top ten let alone come second, and it's especially unusual for a doitsu koi. I think it's good to see other varieties of koi get some attention. I'm not keen on many doitsu koi as they seem to look messy but Shusui and Kumonryu are definately special. Really it should be the best koi on the day that wins not governed by personal preference or how difficult it was to produce.


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