Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Koi Show Roundup

Some of the koi clubs that had shows recently have just published their results and added information so I thought I would post their links for anyone that's interested.

Since I posted the dates for koi shows this september the Camellia Koi Club have gone from providing very little information about their forthcoming 2006 Sacramento Koi Show to producing more than you could ever need! There are maps, layout plans, photos, advice for showing your koi and a nice list introducing the judges. Perhaps of most interest to those not familiar with the club is the presence of Mr Toshio Sakai of Isawa Nishikigoi Center, who famous for Matsunosuke koi will be one of the judges. He's obviously going to be a big draw and it looks set to be a great show, only wish I could make it.

The Holland Koi Show website has posted the results with photos of the top positions. The Grand Champion went to Masahari Oki from Nishikigoi Koiko in Germany for a loverly size 7 sanke.

The Inland Empire Water Garden and Koi Society 2006 show results are up which also included a goldfish show. I am a particular fan of Ranchu goldfish said to have been kept originaly by the Samuri. When large they are truely awesome. Winner of the Grand Champion koi went to a koi I would say is a traditional Taisho Sanke.

The Rocky Mountain Koi Club have some great photos of their show and the winners receiving their trophies, but as yet I can't find anything about the koi taking part. Maybe it's me not looking hard enough.

One of the smaller shows but still worth a visit was the Potteries & District BKKS show at Trentham Wakes (or 'Gardens' as I remember it). I can't say a lot but from what I've heard this was a good show this year.


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