Friday, August 25, 2006

Area koi collectors think virus killed fish

This news story comes from The Beacon Journal and while not particularly enlightening to informed koi keepers does show how KHV is becoming news worthy and cases are being reported more often. Area koi collectors think virus killed fish . Whether this is a good thing I don't know but levels of awareness amongst koi keepers, watergardeners and the general public is on the rise. The problem is KHV is still a very rare disease, devastating yes but each case has to be checked through before jumping to the wrong conclusions. Safe procedures should always be taken to prevent the spread of any infection, be it KHV or not through quarantine and isolation and any problems examined in detail to reveal the facts.

The spread of stories and lots of confusing information concerning KHV has made many people understandable worried and they are latching onto the idea of this virus instead of looking for more probable causes. I'm not saying this is the case in this article and KHV may well have been positively proven but my eyebrows did raise at the statement of losing 84 fish being kept in a pond of 5000 gallons! This is of course possible for young koi but would be quite a strain on filtration and water quality for larger adults. The writer may have got it wrong but they were described as 'nearly 100 blazing orange pet fish' which sounds to me more like goldfish which as we know are not troubled by the virus.

Whatever the truth a clearer level of understanding is still needed about KHV and the koi community need to provide qualified and consistent information and advice to dispel the myths going around.


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