Thursday, August 17, 2006

Holland Koi Show 2006 (The Dutch Koi Days)

Tomorrow is the start of the 14th annual Holland koi show named 'de Nederlandse Koi Degan' (the Dutch Koi Days). It's described as the biggest koi spectacle in the world, and with over 23,000 visitors through the gates last year few can argue. Organised by The Nishikigoi Vereniging Nederland (the Dutch Nishikigoi Association) they are hoping for a similar turnout this year with the show running from the 18th, 19th and 20th of August. It is being held in a beautiful location within the grounds of Arcen castle.

Visitors are expected to come from all over the world, especially mainland Europe because of its position for easy travel. This has become the major show in Europe and gives the chance for the many koi fans in Holland, Belgium and Germany plus elsewhere to get together. Holland has become a major force in koi keeping with many new products now being developed there. There will be over 100 stands with dealers traveling from several countries including the UK.

It's not too late still to organize a trip to the show this weekend and traveling from the UK is not that expensive or far. For more information check out the Holland Koi Show website which also has a nice webcam to see how things are progressing.


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