Tuesday, August 15, 2006

North East Koi Club Show

By all reports this years North East Koi Club show was a great success. It was held interestingly inside the Nissan car plant which was lucky because the weather turned autumnal over the weekend with threatening belts of rain throughout the UK. Although I didn't go it being a bit too far to travel, many koi fans did as it was a perfect opportunity for all the local koi club members in the north to get together seeing as most koi shows recently have concentrated in southern England.

Grand Champion went to a size 6 Kohaku owned by Paul Williams who won last year with the same koi. Kohaku are still the most revered at koi shows and the most likely to win overall. This could be seen at this show by the number of kohakus' entered easily out numbered all the other varieties. I think part of their appeal is that they are relatively easy to judge in terms of body shape and pattern and so even a novice can appreciate the qualities of a good kohaku. Saying that a prize for visitors favorite went to a doitsu matsuba, which shows people are always drawn to something a bit different.


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