Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pond Supplies

Increasingly nowadays pond supplies are being bought on the internet. This can have quite a few bonuses for the koi enthusiast but like all shopping on the internet when buying pond supplies make sure you go to a reputable site. Recently there has been a huge increase in online sites selling pond supplies but some have little if any knowledge about the products or koi they are selling.
To the koi hobbyist the convenience of buying online with competitive pricing has made it obviously popular but take care not to just go on price alone. Always check that there is a way of contacting them by phone and email for advice or if you have a problem. An address proves they are a genuine company and are not going to easily disappear with your money. A big site selling pond supplies should always have a secure page for payment which is indicated by a little yellow padlock symbol. This should give you peace of mind that your details cannot be seen by anyone else across the internet. If this is not the case either move onto one that is secure or a reputable company site that takes credit cards.
Many koi dealers who for a long time now have had websites are seeing the potential for online sales of pond supplies as they can now reach customers outside their local area. I think this is a good idea because often a koi dealers expertise is needed for advice on certain products especially medications, which is not always readily available from some sites. We need the benefits of both worlds as often seeing something in the flesh can put new perspectives on things. What better way to buy pond supplies than from someone you trust.


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