Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Koi Carp

Welcome to the world of koi carp. This is a blog about koi, those amazing and beautiful pond fish that originated from carp in Japan. If you are a new visitor then you probably came here by typing either koi carp, koi fish or koi pond into a search engine as these are the most popular terms used when searching for information on koi. In the real world the first two descriptions are nonsense as koi is now the universal name used for these colourful fish, but on the internet they help distinguish between any other types of koi (it seems a popular name in Pakistan). A more accurate name as used by the japanese is Nishikigoi, which broken down roughly translates as nishiki meaning colourful or brocaded and goi the word for carp.

Koi Carp is my first exploration into blogging so it's not the most original name I know, but hopefully it will help people find this blog. If you have got a better idea for a name then please let me know. When I started this blog there were very few around but even in a few months the internet seems swamped with koi sites but many have little information or just the same stuff constantly repeated. If you are beginner or you want an introduction to koi then there are a few good sites around like Koi.net that has lots of helpful advice so there's no point in me repeating them here but if you want to know the latest developments in koi keeping and what events are going on then please stick around!


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