Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Koi Forums

It seems like every koi website nowadays has got some kind of forum and the numbers are growing. They are a helpful source of information and advice so I've made a list of the biggest or which I consider the most authoratitive.

Australian Koi Association Forum

Australian Koi Forum

Infiltration Forum - Peter Waddington answers your koi related questions.

Koi-Bito - Japanese koi magazines' forum.


Koi Magazine Forum - Popular magazines' forum. - Malaysian forum with members from all over the world.


Koi Pond Talk

Koi Quest


Koi UK - Maurice Coxs' British Koi Farm.

Koi Vet

Nishikigoi International

Richdon Koi-Help - Richdon Koi members only help forum - free to sign up.

South African Koi Forum

South African Koi Industry Forum

The Mud Pond

Yorkshire Koi Society -A small community of knowlegable members.


At 3:30 AM, Blogger Koi Club of Eugene - Springfield - Lane County said...

Great Site - Love the picture of you kissing your Koi....and to think my husband is weird when I smootch my babies everyday.....I will have to show him I am not the only one.....

Would love to link to your site - My dad and I want to start a Koi Club here in Eugene, Oregon - We have 5 ponds, and 1 in Construction - and a 2000 sq. ft. Greenhouse with 3 Swimming Pools - and 3 - 300 gallon tanks - and an inside aquarium between the two of us.....

Let me know if I can link to your blog - I did not see a subscribe link anywhere.....

Thanks for all the great info....


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