Thursday, August 24, 2006

The 20th South East Section BKKS Open Koi Show at Swanley.

A bit of a mouthful for a title to a koi show but it should be a great event this weekend. The 20th South East Section BKKS Open Show is described as 'loved by the international koi community' and there are strong links abroad with this club. If you didn't get enough of a fix for top quality koi from last weeks Holland show or were waiting for something closer to home, this promises to be the best UK koi show before next year.

The show is on the 27th & 28th at Parkwood Hall School, Beechenlea Lane, Swanley, Kent in the UK and rather amusingly their websites states that "This is an English style koi show with English style weather" which is about right, but hopefully the current rain will not dampen anyones enthusiasm.


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