Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sakai Autumn Harvest Auction

The Sakai Fish Farm of Hiroshima produces argubly the best koi in the world and have consistantly won the All Japan Show so when harvest time comes around everyone is understandably excited. I mentioned today that auctions can be a good way to buy koi but unless you are a top dealer or well connected the Sakai autumn harvest auction is one we can only dream about attending as it's invitation only. The proceedings start on the 3rd of October with an open sale and a chance to view the koi with the auction the next day on the 4th.

Some of the koi on offer are genuine Tategoi and some say potential Grand Champions of the future. Most of the koi are 2 to 3 year olds and in fact if you have the funds Sakai will look after your purchases and grow them on to be entered in all the top Japanese shows. Some of the bidders will no doubt be investor buyers who buy Tategoi and leave them in the safe hands of the farmers or dealers to then sell them on for a profit once they have reached their full potential. If the koi are lucky enough to win or even place well at shows then their value can vastly increase. It is quite a common practice for breeders and dealers to look after customers koi and these are called Azukarigoi - roughly translated as koi placed in your care.

Sakai farm have posted some photos of the koi in the lots at the auction and it gives us a good idea of the quality on offer.



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