Monday, September 25, 2006

Koi Health Check

With the end of summer and the highest temperatures behind us, now is a good time to give your koi a quick close check over. By gently putting them in a bowl you can make sure your koi are in good health before they go into winter and also keep track of their development. How much have your koi grown this year? A photograph the same time every year can be very helpful to track each koi's growth and any changes in colour and pattern. This is a great way to learn about nishikigoi and to improve your skills predicting which ones have potential.

If there are any health problems then they can be dealt with now while the water is still warm and the koi's immune systems are at full strength. If needs be the koi can go straight into quarantine to recover to full strength before the onset of the worst winter weather. Depending on how the koi recovers a decision can then be made about whether to keep the koi in quarantine heated throughout the winter.



At 8:20 AM, Anonymous ars said...

very nice blog with usefull article, thanks alex

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Alex-san said...

Thanks Ars, to some koi experts this advice may seem obvious but for all of us to learn it helps to exchange ideas.


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