Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kusuri Announce New Look

Kusuri popular in the UK for their koi food and medications have announced that they are having a product image make over for next year starting with their foods. The new look was unveiled at the recent GLEE pet trade exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. Kusuri has become one of the most trusted names for koi enthusiasts for over 7 years, supplying a wide range of products, but with many new koi foods now joining the market it makes sense to change.

The new gold pouches definitely look eye catching but there are practical benefits as well, because the packaging protects the food from sunlight and keeps out the air so the food stays fresher for longer. With the speed most peoples koi gulp it down this is not normally a problem but it does mean that when you buy the food you can rest assured that it's the freshest it can be.

Something I've noticed is that the koi on the new label is the same one that Richdon Koi use for their adverts. Richdon who also produce a food range called Nutrikoi, mention it as a sansai tategoi from Dainichi. I'm guessing this must be a famous koi for both companies to use it, but I always assumed it belonged to Richdon Koi.
Does anyone know anymore about it?



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