Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Koi Fu-Do Wheatgerm Plus

Koi Fu-Do Wheatgerm Plus is the latest winter koi food from Koi Fu-Do, a new brand that's burst onto the market. Wheatgerm Plus is of particular interest at this time of the year because they formulated it for feeding your koi in low water temperatures. For a number of years now people have been feeding their koi wheatgerm based foods when the pond cools down as it helps aid their koi's digestion and reduces pollution of the water, but Koi Fu-Do have added a few extras as well.

A new and exclusive semi soft pellet means they don't have to be pre-soaked and are quickly digested even when the koi's metabolism has slowed down. Koi Fu-Do produce an impressive six different types of koi food in their range with three of them in the 6mm semi soft pellet formula. This smaller size pellet is easily gobbled up and digested in winter and some people claim that for large koi during the summer a smaller pellet gives better growth. Whether this is true or not I cannot say but it seems a more natural size to me. It also contains some health boosting ingredients such as garlic, seaweed and lactoferrin an immune supporting protein that I wrote about in a post about koi health foods.

Koi Fu-Do claim that their foods produce minimum waste, as do most koi foods available so without having tried it yet I cannot confirm if this is true but it makes sense being that they are a softer pellet. With summer staple feeds seeming more important I tend to give less thought to winter feeds and just stick with the same brand but I may give this a go and maybe report my findings here.

At the time of writing Koi Fu-Do is so new that their website www.koifudo.com is not finished but this hasn't stopped them from getting their food onto the shelves of at least 13 of some of the best UK koi dealers and on trial with over 30 more.



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