Friday, October 13, 2006

Infiltration Live from Japan

Infiltration are now in Japan as are many other koi dealers visiting the different farms and showing guests around, in the hope of finding some special koi from this years Ikeage or harvest. If like me you're unlucky enough not to get out to Japan this year, then Infiltration are sharing the experience through their website in a section called Live from Japan.

So far photos have been posted everyday of their discoveries and Tim Waddington has kept us up to date with the activities in Niigata. It's well worth checking out and if you register on the site you can pass your comments directly on to them. The quality of the koi this year look especially good so I expect that some people will want to get in early and reserve a koi from the photos alone.

Another koi site that covers the daily life on a koi farm is a new blog called Big Trouble in Little Japan! This is by Devin who is part owner of Koi Acres in Minnesota and describes himself as a koi breeder apprentice. He should do well as Devin's currently working in Japan for Marudo Koi Farm and has been invited to stay for three years. It will be interesting to follow his progress and he couldn't get a better education than with Hisashi Hirasawa who himself had worked at Dainichi for 18 years before starting Marudo Koi Farm.



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