Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Koivista the online gallery for people to share photos of their koi and ponds has recently had a bit of a make over. Due to its rising popularity with over 13000 pictures it has now been given its own server which should help speed things along. As well as looking very nice an added feature is a blogging facility. To be honest it works more like a forum but more features have been promised later on. Having tried a couple of other koi only photo sites this one in my opinion rates as the best. It's easy to navigate and manage your galleries, and uploading photos is straight forward, although it helps to rescale them first if you use a large megapixel camera. It's a great place to see peoples new pond projects at different stages and to share ideas. As a favorite with the Yorkshire Koi Society there's always regular activity and the latest uploads are easily found on the home page. With all this being free there's no reason not to join in.

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